The Top 5 Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Helmet brands

The Top 5 Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

These categories would depend on what you are looking for in a helmet, sales? safety? value or features? In terms of safety the best helmets may not be the most expensive or from the most well known brands .There are a lot of great helmet brands out there and not all of them are expensive.The best helmet is the one that fits your head best. If the helmet isn’t comfortable on your head you won’t want to wear it.Honestly a good, approved inexpensive full face helmet probably has as about as good a chance of saving your head in an accident as an expensive one.

There’s some new technology out there now to let helmets more effectively absorb rotational energy, which is believed to be the most damaging. All helmets sold in the U.S. must (at least in theory) meet the DOT standard. Some may meet the Snell standard. No one knows if one is better than the other. Helmet shells these days are made from fiberglass or polycarbonate and a few have Kevlar or carbon fiber.There are probably some minor quality differences among inner liners but chances are whatever helmet you buy, you won’t use long enough to wear out even the cheapest materials. The more expensive brands give you – quality, design, nicer liner materials, possibly less noise, or better ventilation:

  1. SHOEI
  2. ARAI
  3. AGV
  4. LS2
  5. BELL

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