5 Quietest Motorcycle Helmets

quietest motorcycle helmets

5 Quietest Motorcycle Helmets

Noise is one of the most important aspects that induces fatigue in a rider. Again for finding out if there is lots of noise inside the helmet, you need to ride it at decently high speeds in different wind conditions. Several factors like shape of helmet shell, vents, direction of wind, speed of riding, whether riding a fully faired or naked motorcycle etc. come into play for noise level inside the helmet.

Tolerance for Noise

A quietest helmet would not be legal because it wouldn’t pass the various testing departments. That said – quietness is like 80% about a good tight fit and the remainder is about quality of the liner and aerodynamics of the helmet.Fit means that it fits the shape of your head and the ear holes actually line up with your ears. Quiet is also a function of the air movement around your helmet and the seal below you chin and around your neck. A less quiet helmet can be helped by wearing good ear / hearing protection.


Expensive helmets come from being lighter, better finishes, custom colors or graphics, good face shields – and the lining materials. But fit comes first. not just that fit around your face, but the fit of your head in the helmet. helmet makers make helmets for oval heads, and narrower heads, some make different helmets for different shapes.

You can also quieten a helmet if you reduce the airflow below your face at the bottom of the helmet. Kind of like wrapping a scarf around your neck to shut out the wind from below.

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